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I am an independent songwriter, recording artist and producer based in Toronto, Ontario. My genre is pop-rock with a healthy appreciation of Bob Dylan! The lyrics are universal, the chords are unconventional and the songs tell stories that take you on a journey. When asked about me, songwriter and professor Dr. Linda Moroziuk, MA, PhD Musicology, said, "[...] I have seen many emerging artists come and go. Spencer Cropper stands out from the hundreds of graduates as one of the most disciplined, skilled, creative, and determined individuals."

The first artist that hooked me was the Beatles; I got inspired and practiced –– a lot! When practice began to feel too familiar, I joined a rock-and-roll band named Lift Receiver as a guitarist. For the better part of three years, the band and I played hundreds of shows at venues such as Hamilton's Stonewalls and the Doors Pub, and Toronto's Monarch Tavern. During this time, I completed Seneca College's Independent Music Production program, where I wrote dozens of songs and played some of my first solo shows at the Winterfolk Festival, the Rec Room and the Steam Whistle Brewery. After graduating, I branched out on my own to focus on developing my skills as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Since late 2019, I have written over 100 songs.


When I Saw Her Last – Out November 19!