Song List

Here is a small sampling of my catalogue:

  • I Love You 'Cause You Make Me Feel Loved
  • I Want You All The Time
  • If I Ever Do You Wrong
  • When I Saw Her Last
  • Wait!
  • June 17th
  • Runaway
  • Come Into My Arms
  • The Best In Me
  • Bigger Plans
  • Wake Up Baby
  • Home Sooner
  • Falling Faster
  • Don't Let Your Love Go To Waste
  • Let's Lose Track of Time
  • Been Up All Night
  • Without You
  • How Do You Sleep?
  • Sunday Lover
  • Up The Stairs
  • I'll Never Not Love You
  • Angela
  • A Tumour
  • We'll All Know Better Someday
  • Things To Do Before I Die
  • The First Time I Saw You
  • She's Got The Key (To My Heart)

I want to thank you in advance for supporting my music! After spending a year (and all my savings!) on the recording of four songs, I am inviting you to join my crowdfunding campaign in support of the completion of my first full-length studio album. No pressure, but if you feel like chipping in, I don't want to stand in your way!

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